Clean-burning and Renewable Home heating Alternative Since 2006

Since 2006

Who We Are

PELLET Hungary Kft broke grown on 30th August 2006 in Hungary as one of the main Pellets manufacturer.
This facility was developed solely to concentrate on the highly efficient production of wood pellet fuel. Our raw
materials come from sustainable woodlands as well as clean wood chips and sawdust from a network of sawmills.
This unique ownership arrangement is critical in this business. We have a secure year round source for our raw
materials that allows for a consistent high quality end product and stable pricing. In fact, we are able to offer multi-
year contract pricing to large accounts.
We pre-screen our wood before processing it and we use no debris or additives of any kind. Many pellet
manufacturers will use vegetable or soybean oil and some even use plastics. Our pellets are made with 100% wood
– no additives, no oils, no plastics, no polystyrene. This plant can produce up to 100,000 tons of wood pellets per
year for both the bulk and bagged fuel markets, which makes us one of the largest pellet manufacturers in
Hungary. We are set up to efficiently handle high volume bulk shipments for industrial customers and export.
We are proud to be located in Hungary and to be producers of clean renewable energy. The 100,000 tons of pellets
produced by our plant will replace 12,000,000 gallons of fuel oil. Since our pellet fuel is carbon neutral we will
reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 260,000,000 pounds! So do the right thing. Save the environment and burn
pellets, not oil.


PELLET Hungary Kft provides renewable pellet fuels to make available heat that is environmentally beneficial, locally made, and economical.

Simply put, wood pellets are

made by combining leftover

chips and sawdust from various

types of hard wood lumber. The

leftover bits of lumber are first

transferred to chippers and

hammer mills where they are

refined to a consistent size.

From there, they are dried and

pressed through dies at high

pressure to form pellets. These

pellets are great alternatives to

traditional heat sources in that

they’re all natural and



We believe that pellet fuels made from sustainably produced biomass can play a major role in reducing demand for fossil heating fuels.

Advantages of Wood Pellets

Efficiency. Low Moisture Content. Environmentally Friendly. No Chimney.


2330 Dunaharaszti, Fő út 46.

City :Dunaharaszti

Country :Hungary


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Fax :+3620,805 3292

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Industriestr.30:33,21107 Hamburg,Wilhelmsburg.Germany